A downloadable game for Windows

Inesquivable is an arena game in top view. You must survive in waves of enemies and kill as many as possible to increase your score.

Solo story: You play Zakwel, An anthropomorphic rat stay blocked on S-stanir 24, a small mining planet abandoned by civilization. Your goal will be to escape from this planet.
For that you'll have to travel a part of the planet To find the necessary materials to repair a spaceship.
You will fight against the clamps, looters, wild animals... You sometimes have to flee and make discreet, avoid traps and solve puzzles. Small errors can lead to a radical death...


Inesquivable_v1.9.24-b (32-bits).zip 205 MB
Inesquivable_v1.9.24-b (64-bits).zip 227 MB
Inesquivable_v1.2.1 (64-bits).zip 140 MB

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