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Interesting game so far with cute characters, and great cuteness enhancing beans to enjoy :).

Have fun! ^v^

Bleu, I'm trying to invite my friend into my server but it doesn't seem to work, we tried everything but nothing worked, do you have any ideas how i can invite my friend into my multiplayer server?

Hello ^^ You need open the ports of your routers, check this:

Bleu, It’s me Polko. Shit happened and I had to delete my account (hacked). Tell King I’m fine. Where do I go to join the mmvs discord server? Thanks

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Hey Polko! I send the message. You can join the server here ^^

Is this game available for oculus quest? Love playing it on pc but would love to play it on vr too!

You can use Oculus Air link for that  ^^


I have to be honest, I dislike just about everything in this game, almost all fetishes are the ones I don't like

albeit, I could get behind a full-tour update, but I don't thin it will happen considering (what I saw so far) this game is "SFW" or better put it, soft-porn

I might not really keep track of this, but I can at lease acknowledge the effort it's put into it, and how it can make certain people happy, please don't fault me for have my preferences

Yeah that a game about Macro/Micro that better to like Macro/Micro haha and I understand, thanks for have play it. :)

Quando sarà possibile usare le scarpe e la seconda mappa della versione precedente?

Shoe is planned for v0.4.2 and micro map is not planned before a lot more version. In previous version that was just a bonus test :3

I am delighted with the graphics and the study of the room, I was also very surprised by the optimization. What is this game engine? Unreal engine?

Yeah unreal engine but that not because the engine, juste because I worked a lot with optimisation, all content is static. No need to use rtx haha

love the game very addicting to play but im having trouble downloaded version 3.0 it doesnt put it as a zip so that i can extract any idea why? (i have every other version)

Hey Cnsyt, Thanks you! That should be a .Zip or an .7z you download form where?

from here it normally shows .7z but i want it to be a .Zip but it just wont do plus if i download it it only shows the coding when i try to download it. (still trying to figure it out but running out of ideas)

Download it like an Zip, you can open .7z file like an .Zip

ah ok ill try

 Ho visto il trailer della nuova versio, è stupendo, attendo con ansia il suo rilascio

Thank you! ^v^

im just trying to find frends.. to play with 

Hello, you need open your ports:

If you want play in multiplayer in MMVS the host should open his ports 7777 or do a redirect to the ports 7777. Example (Youtube) | Example with my own.

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you wanna play with me?

Join the server! you can play with other peoples that like the game :3

how do i join the server?

and what server? Discord server ^^

it always starts in desktop mode when the vr is set up and ready, how do i change it to vr mode

That should start in VR mode. You use what Head Set?

valve index

And steamVR is open? you can contact me on Discord?

yes steam vr is open, i open it before opening the game and still doesn't work

And you run the .exe file, not the .bat?

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When I try to download, it brings me to an 404 error page.  Is the website deleted, or is this something to do with my browser?

Nevermind. The link doesn't work, the google drive one works just fine.

Oups! I just update it! You can try again ^^ Try the last version.

Thank you so much! I love this game. It's a great game.

I'm so hyped about that and I really enjoy it x3

I can't wait for the next version >w<

Thank you! And yeah that should be around September, that a lot of work >-<

definitely worth waiting though :3

good luck with it!

Thanks! :3

Il gioco è fantastico, ma quanto manca al completamento della versione 0.4?

That should be around September, that a lot of work :o

Absolutely in love, never been much of a bird fan but I am absolutely captivated by Talas' talons! What would I have to do to make you consider adding a 'stuck under foot' feature....

Haha I'm very glad :3 This feature is planned for the next version ;3

waiting the ver. 0.4 ^^, let me worship your paws pls god talas :b xd

Haha have fun ;3

Hi, im just getting a black screen :/

Oh ? You play in VR ?

I got it working, I was rendering at the same time so my CPU usage was too high, all good. 

It's an awesome game

Yay, thanks ^^

Hi, I just wanted to ask if 0.4 is still set to release early 2021?

Hello! sorry for the delay, I will be able to work on my full time at the end of february, I thinks about a release around June 2021

That's quite alright. I'm so glad to hear that Covid has not slowed you down.

Welcome. I would like to clarify something as someone who does not know about programming: do I need to do just like with your example ? Except Local IP. As I understand it, Local IP needs to be entered. I'd be grateful for the explanation.


Hello, sorry for the delay. You want play game with friends ? for this one of you two must open 7777 ports and host a server. and the other can join him by using host ip


I hope you like :3 V0.4 is planned for early 2021

I don't have many versions of my own, so now I'm improving my skills, do you think I should try this version or wait for a new one?

You can try v0.3.1 ^^

Okay c;

This is the best vr game ! The textures and the animations are great ! the next version when will be released ?

Thanks! The next version is planned for early 2021! (Currently I'm in slow dev.) You can follow me on twitter or Discord for follow the news

whats your discord then?, I cant find it lol

This game is amazing!! Please add more functions to Talas ;)

Thanks !  and yeah it planned :3

Step on me, queen.

*Step on you*~ :3